AMMO – Rivi

Song : “AMMO” by R I V I
Singer / Songwriter : RIVI™
Soundcloud :
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Director / Editor : RIVI™
(All footage shot by Rivi)
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Music Producer / Mixed by TK The Legend…
© : 2016 RIVI – TK [the legend]

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Freja by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia

Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-1 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-2 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-3 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-4 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-5 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-6 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-7 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-8

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MArla | Catherine Louis

A crystalline portrait of model Marla Fabri on Nowness.

Director: Catherine Louis

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DSTM Ss16 | Warm Leatherette



The SS16 DSTM lookbook is out, photographed again by one of my fav photographers  Maxime Ballasteros

In these shots, the models pose in contorted positions, creating imagery reminiscent of David Cronenberg’s 1996 film adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s Crash. Check here what Berlin-based, Canadian designer Jen Gilpin, says about the inspiration behind the new collection.

06_000120280020-1+(glissées) 55_000120250011-1+(glissées) 51_000120250008-1+(glissées) 47_000120250010-1+(glissées) 42_000120250012-1+(glissées)29_000120250004-1+(glissées)


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ALAÏA by Peter Lindbergh


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Nick Knight | Comme des Garçons | Floriental

Being a big fan of Nick Knight flower’s photography on instagram, I always imagined the scent behind the beautiful shots of the roses of his garden. And apparently I was not the only one…
Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 14.07.24 Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 14.06.43 Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 14.07.08

Sparked by the imagemaker’s longterm passion for photographing flowers, Comme des Garçons asked Nick Knight to produce a film in celebration of their new scent, Floriental. Drawing inspiration from the cistus flower, which has no smell, the fragrance challenges the traditions of perfumery to reimagine a flower that has no scent. With no definite top, middle or base, each ingredient – from sandalwood and incense to pink pepper and plum liqueur – emerges and recedes in creative confusion. The film echoes the scent’s spirit – showing a flower breaking down and disappearing into nothingness on camera. (ShowStudio)


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