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X Rockin’ Dots Party X

Tidying up the pictures from the various events we did for Diesel Planet – Milan – I found these pics that I have forgotten about. It was the Rockin’Dots party for the collection preview.
And I have found this other one, I think it was the night that Dani Siciliano was playing live at the store. In this pic it’s just the beginning of the party…I think we ended up at midnight in a sushi bar totally smashed. Hihi that was good!

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The Ellen Von Unwerth book



She is one of my favorite fashion photographer.

Her new book, which contains images shot over the last 15 years with many of them previously unpublished, looks very promising indeed. Considering the price (500 €!!) I am afraid it is for collectors only.

They’re Not Your Girls Next Door
Fashion and fetish in a female fantasyland

Limited to 1,500 numbered copies, each signed by the photographer.

Buy here

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My Toys’ crib

Last time I made some kind of crib in the house it was with my granny and I was 5 years old or some thing like that. To be honest I like to have some Xmas decoration at home but I prefer something which is not religious at all. But this year, since I had no time to set up anything special, I decided to give a chance to the old crib, but in a more contemporary way. So I took some of my toys that could suite the part and arranged them under the red light and I love love love the result! So here are the carachters:
* baby Jesus is the black Munny with the crown
* Holy Mari is Japanese Mojimi doll
* saint Giuseppe is the Naughty reindeer Dunny
* and the three Magi are Tofu, Obey egg, and the dog/rabbit that I don’t remeber the name
The cherry on top are those little comet stars that Costy gave the other day.
Obviously this is not meant to be taken seriously!

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Little Stars are coming down


Yauuuhuuh! I don’t particulary like Cristmas generally speaking but I must admit that I love the happiness that spreads around in these days! And I love to give and receive funny, stupid, uneccessary gifts, like the star magnets GLOW IN THE DARK that I got this morning from my colleague Costy!! thank youuu my dear!!! At the moment they are brightening up my mac but soon they will come home with me!

Anyway, it’s the second day in a row that we are celebrating Christmas in the agency (eating, drinking and blablabla) and I can say that by now I have lost all my will to work, heheheh, and the only thing I would like to do is goin’ around and get lost in some crazy shopping…

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The BlackWhite Issue

Black&white rules! Awesome video by fashion156

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Tonight’s Xmas wishlist

This is my playful wishlist for tonight. The order is totally random and tomorrow there will be surely something else in it. Like all the Aquarius and I change my mind frequently …


Shades by STEVIEBOI – Pic by Jack&Jil Blog
Studded blazer by STEVIEBOI

A trip to somewhere new – Pic by Manja Otten
…and another one…

Juicy Couture Leather Drawstring Tote Bag – Asos

::::Party Party Party::::

…and couple of rings from Dior haute couture… cause every good wish list needs to have something in it that is totally not affordable!

Plus, last but not least, some Alexander Wang shoes that are out of stock everywhere, but still are so damn cool…

ok that’s enough for tonight!

I’ve caught a cold that is killing me, especially because with my nose totally blocked I cannot breath properly, so there’s the serious chance that the whole wish list I put down here is a huge crap resulting from the lack of oxygen in my brain!

nite nite
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