A Russian Tale of Piracy, Cannibalism and Redemption

By Cornelius Chukovsky


Listen kids, now listen up! You don’t want to get eaten up!

So watch out if you travel far – and don’t run off to Zanzibar!

Zanzibar is full of sharks, Leopards prowling after dark,

Hippos, apes and crocodiles, full of sharp and hungry smiles

They would love to nibble you, bite your toes and munch your shoes.

So listen up kids, listen hard – and don’t run off to Zanzibar!

Narrator 1:

Away in far-off Zanzibar, there lives a scoundrel knave

His favorite snack is CHILDREN! His name is BARMALYEY!

He runs around in Zanzibar with greedy, drooling jaws

That pirate wants to GET YOU – he lives by his own laws.

And Daddy-dear and Mommy-dear are lounging in the den

And Daddy-dear and Mommy-dear will tell you yet again.


Zanzibar is scary. Oh yes, yes, yes.


Zanzibar could be hairy. Oh yes, yes, yes…

read the end here:

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