From Cordoba with “Sientimento”

The other day Pamela and Emauel came to Milan to meet us, finally! It was ages we did’t see her and we never had the chance to meet her husband before, so it was a what you can call a big event for us, with them coming togheter to europe from argentina for the first time!
So we went for a lovely&alcoholic dinner to a fantastic place (tnx Fabrizio for th hint) close to Navigli that cooks everything Bolognese Style, with tattooed and pierced warriors as waitress.

It was fun and we came out pretty drunk and loaded, cause we had to properly celebrate Pam and Ema’s weeding, even if a couple of months late…!
Apparently we were not the only one not totally sober, as you can see from the picture that some guy standing outside there took for us:

Afterwards we went to Bitte, but unfortunately we forgot to take more pictures together… pity!
Pamela gave me this lovely bag handmade by her…

I know, this pic sucks… but i have momentarily lost my camera (the one that takes good pictures)
Anyway here there are better pics of her creations :)

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