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Balloons the day after

Balloons are still wobblin’ around… they have been floating from the skirts of parachute dresses wore by the models during the Sunday evening show, to our desk and to the ceiling of the building…
love them :)

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Victoria Bartlett and VPL – Visible Panty Line exhibition

Tonight we had the “VPL – Visible Panty Line exhibition” opening in the agency where I work. The party was great, I think one of the best show for Milan Fashion Week. Probably one of the reasons that the party was so good was that Victoria is such an amazing woman… so inspiring and so beautiful…

Unfortunately I am afraid I have lost my camera (yes, that one that I couldn’t find last week..I still cannot find it…this makes me think the worst for it) so I could take just a few pics with my mobile phone (and they are not very good, actually they are pretty blurred…not enough light, too much red wine and vodka, yeah what a funny mix!).
Anyway, for better pic than mine go and check Dopolavoro blog.
Above: Victoria during the interview with Fashion TV
Pic above: a few posters from Mark BorthwickPic above: Steven Klein… and the dedication above is because I did the catalogue for the exhibition :)
Thank you, Victoria!
So this was a perfect evening…now I am off to bed. nite nite x x

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Tribals for Fashion

Usually fake tattoos just get on my nerves, but these look particularly good, in a rough way, and make me wish they were real!
Maybe one of the reasons I like them so much is that I’ve got a crash on big fat lines that compose tribal tattoos. It is definitely my favourite tatto style, the more black they are the more I like them.
…and I hope my favourite tattooer will come back soon, so that I can get The tattoo I am longing for inside my arm! It will be black, it will be pretty big…and it will be a surprise..

pics from sang bleu

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…I pretty much feel like this.
I started my day looking for my leopard tee that I absolutely wanted to wear but I couldn’t find… eventually, after 10 minutes of serious searching around the apartment I gave up and, exactly in the moment I wore another tee, I remembered that leopard one was in my bag since Saturday night (i brought it with me just in case it would have got cold but in the end I didn’ t wear it, so I forgot it inside). By that time I was already late for work…
So this was the first FML thought of the day.
Anyway, there was obviously much more to come and soon as I stepped out of my apartment my neighbours (the old pit-bull lady from the flat next to mine and the Mrs Perfect Mummy from the flat above) started yelling at me complaining because of the loud music we had a few nights ago. I have been staring at them for a while wondering if they gave each other an appointment, or if it was just a lucky coincidence for them that they could attack me together at 9 o’clock in the morning when I was still half asleep… But the thing that pissed me off most was that this time they were basically right, since the other night we made a real mess at 5 o’clock in the morning, so I couldn’t just have a real argument with them… and when I left, pissed off above the “9 in the morning” limit, I was even more late for work… and at this point you should imagine a huge cue of FML thoughts, one after the other, just banging into my head…
I will skip the story about the client calling me even before I managed to get to work making me anxious for some possible printing problems (which thanks god were not real) due to some colleague’s mistake, forcing me to stand at the tram stop phoning half of the world to fix everything up…
I was exhausted when I finally stepped into the agency and I am exhausted now after the all f****n day… but still…got some work to do so …
* F * M * L *
& good night ppl

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SaturdayNight@ Chiesetta

Mirror ball and Jesus Christ…and beer
I have never been thinking about the three of them together under a disco light, but I must say they are an interesting match.
Seen at Chiesetta -downtown chinatown- last Saturday.

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Oh, no! John – Opening Party

Friday night it was Oh, no! John Opening Party…
it has been so fu***n’ good that I even forgot to take pictures (anyway I didn’t have my camera with me…so everything was just up to my mobile phone)
Eventually, when the party was over, I remembered to take at least a couple of pics from my friends Suma and Dragana from Belgrade… obviously it’s hard job to combine a great time, a few cocktails, a lot of meeting new people with the willing of taking pics…especially if your will pops out only the day after!
At some point of the night I have also found a job as a video maker, which would have been great if I was actually looking for work…and if I was actually going around shooting videos… well, anyway i have lost that guy business card…
so, let’s say it has been a good party, isn’t it? oH yeah damn good john!

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