Oh, no! John – Opening Party

Friday night it was Oh, no! John Opening Party…
it has been so fu***n’ good that I even forgot to take pictures (anyway I didn’t have my camera with me…so everything was just up to my mobile phone)
Eventually, when the party was over, I remembered to take at least a couple of pics from my friends Suma and Dragana from Belgrade… obviously it’s hard job to combine a great time, a few cocktails, a lot of meeting new people with the willing of taking pics…especially if your will pops out only the day after!
At some point of the night I have also found a job as a video maker, which would have been great if I was actually looking for work…and if I was actually going around shooting videos… well, anyway i have lost that guy business card…
so, let’s say it has been a good party, isn’t it? oH yeah damn good john!

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  1. betty page! was the night inspired by her?
    cool pity i didn't come :'(

  2. no, it wasn't betty page party but anyway i got that magnet friday night .. and i love that!!

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