Victoria Bartlett and VPL – Visible Panty Line exhibition

Tonight we had the “VPL – Visible Panty Line exhibition” opening in the agency where I work. The party was great, I think one of the best show for Milan Fashion Week. Probably one of the reasons that the party was so good was that Victoria is such an amazing woman… so inspiring and so beautiful…

Unfortunately I am afraid I have lost my camera (yes, that one that I couldn’t find last week..I still cannot find it…this makes me think the worst for it) so I could take just a few pics with my mobile phone (and they are not very good, actually they are pretty blurred…not enough light, too much red wine and vodka, yeah what a funny mix!).
Anyway, for better pic than mine go and check Dopolavoro blog.
Above: Victoria during the interview with Fashion TV
Pic above: a few posters from Mark BorthwickPic above: Steven Klein… and the dedication above is because I did the catalogue for the exhibition :)
Thank you, Victoria!
So this was a perfect evening…now I am off to bed. nite nite x x

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  1. party davvero figo ^-^

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