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Diesel FFF Party – A night of flashing mayhem

So, tonight has been a very flashing night indeed at Diesel Planet store – Milano – with Diesel FFF party. FFF stands for Flash For Fun…but it could stand for many other things, you choose which ones…but obviously must all meant to be for fun ;)
And…we had a lot of fun indeed. The place was crowded with people and it seemed like being at an house party. The only funny thing was that the house was not a normal house but one of those flashy London clubs, where everybody is wearing fluo colors and is goin’ around super happy and smiling all the time *_*
As usual my pics suffer a bit from the abundance of free drinks served during the evening (and I didn’t mention that I was coming from Gas event, based on Sprizzzz!), but still it seems they managed to capture at least colors and highlights of these raving hours. But better click on them for larger view.
So now is camomile tea time, just what I need to switch to sleeping mode.
Nite nite xx

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Tea time

Today I am a bit more relaxed than usual at work. Drinking a lovely cup of tea made by my irreplaceabale collegue Beatrice and keeping an eye on my fav fashion blogs, I am browsing through the internet doing some resarch about hot new designers and illustrator. And I came across Andrew Clark, a London based illustrator, and …wow he’s work is just awesome!

I have found only one video on his website, which I post here cause I love its trippy atmosphere . Also, it matches very well colours and sounds of this late afternoon. Very awe inspiring images.

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Quote of the Day #03

Talking about Mads Nørgaard, I have to post this image from his homepage, cause it’s so true what it says!

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Caring For Dwarf Hamsters

Caring For Dwarf Hamsters /2009/10/copenhagenx.jpg”>Stills from Copenhagen X by Mads Nørgaard. WATCH HERE THE VIDEO IN HIGH RES

I have found this video on Fashion 16×9 and I liked it soo much that I am watching it over and over again. Love the music and the feeling of it. It reminds me, for some reason, of my first rave party in London. That was quite a long time ago. In fact it’s a strange feeling watching it, but I cannot understand exactly which kind of feeling is it…
Anyway, since I am talking about first party in London, I cannot skip another smashing video that reminds me those smashed days: the Prodigy NO GOOD 4 me!

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Crazy Rodeo on a Pug

This video have made my day!
But now I am curios to know… WHO IS BOB THE ATOM??

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*** Just to rember ***

..that in life is always good to be ready to show your claws!
and also,
that you always should do that with style.

pic from Dime Piece lookbook

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