Chill out Nite

This is the first night in quite a few days that I don’t need to stay up late and finish some work. I would feel pretty much like dressing up and goin’out, having one of those crazy evenings… but I cannot leave my sweet Bestione at home, working on a video all alone on a Saturday night. So, here I am, still in front of my Mac, but just chilling out and bringing to light new exciting stuff around the web. Like this polish painter, tattoo artist, musician, composer and film-maker based in London, Kris Wlodarski, (thanks Samppa Von Cyborg for the link).
I find his work quite dramatic and sick, but exactly in that way that I like. I would love to have the first painting above hanging in my bedroom. Great colors and composition. And this art melt perfectly well with Timetrick, the electro industrial band I am listening to in this moment.
Anyway, I am afraid my relaxing time is already about to end, since I have heard my sweet half yelling and screaming for help.. (not that he actually needs ME to help him, would be more the other way round, but I think he needs some graphics done to speed up his work).
O well… I knew I should have gone out tonight… ;D

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  1. OMG his art is amazing, awesome paintings!

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