Stop The Flu! Or get me a Red Cross nurse dress…

So…last Sunday my beloved Bestione came back from Berlin, where has been attending the MTV VMA, with a killing flu. I didn’t ask what he has been up to while he was there to deserve such a terrible sickness, packed with 39 degrees fever, cough and a cold. Instead a switched myself into the nurse mode, doing everything that was necessary to kip him alive :) Now, after 6 days he’s finally better (I got sick, but this is totally another story and another sickness) and, considering how long I have been after him, I think I deserve one of this shiny Red Cross nurse uniform! Still cannot make up my mind about which one I should choose… but I think that the black one and the light blue one are at the top of my

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  1. first one is superb, so pin-up style woooh

  2. non so ma a me tutto questo nursery mi sta andando troppo su dejavù…;)

  3. ahaha …in effetti sì, mi sa che hai anche ragione… :)

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