Let it snow, in Milan let it snow…!

I should have known that today it was going to snow a lot, and I think I did know that but somehow I forgot it…So this morning when I read on the newspaper that from the afternoon it was some heavy snowing expected I thought they were a bit exaggerating the thing. But at 3 pm it started snowing and it turned out they were not exaggerating the thing at all and by 5 pm I was already regretting immensely that in the morning I decided to wear my Jeffrey Campbell Buckle boots with a kind of 4.5 inches heel. At 6, with all the news about interrupted trains and no buses around I started seriously wondering how I would have got home if not walking on my beautiful an beloved boots (with some plastic wrap tied around  them to try to preserve at least some of them? maybe?)… But at 7 I realized for the first time how cool it is to have a boss who drives a Suv,(which is a kind of car that I normally cannot stand but… but) and is so kind to bring all of us nice ladies to the nearest (which isn’t near at all) metro station.. This, of course, after playing a little bit and making the tyres screech on the icing snow (actually risking to destroy 10 parked car in a row plus the building behind)…!
Anyway, the most remarkable thing about tonight is that when I got out from the Metro I still had to walk in the snow for about 10 minutes to get home since there were no buses, and my boots proved me that they are really the best boots ever and deserve all the excitement and happiness I felt when I received them from Nasty Gal a few months ago: in fact I got home nice and safe, without falling down even once! And you know what? I am seriously considering to wear them tomorrow as well… :)
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