Little Stars are coming down


Yauuuhuuh! I don’t particulary like Cristmas generally speaking but I must admit that I love the happiness that spreads around in these days! And I love to give and receive funny, stupid, uneccessary gifts, like the star magnets GLOW IN THE DARK that I got this morning from my colleague Costy!! thank youuu my dear!!! At the moment they are brightening up my mac but soon they will come home with me!

Anyway, it’s the second day in a row that we are celebrating Christmas in the agency (eating, drinking and blablabla) and I can say that by now I have lost all my will to work, heheheh, and the only thing I would like to do is goin’ around and get lost in some crazy shopping…

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  1. augurissimi tesoro! Anch'io odio e amo il natale insieme… diciamo che, nel clima festagliolo, mi trovo a mio agio;)

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