Tonight’s Xmas wishlist

This is my playful wishlist for tonight. The order is totally random and tomorrow there will be surely something else in it. Like all the Aquarius and I change my mind frequently …


Shades by STEVIEBOI – Pic by Jack&Jil Blog
Studded blazer by STEVIEBOI

A trip to somewhere new – Pic by Manja Otten
…and another one…

Juicy Couture Leather Drawstring Tote Bag – Asos

::::Party Party Party::::

…and couple of rings from Dior haute couture… cause every good wish list needs to have something in it that is totally not affordable!

Plus, last but not least, some Alexander Wang shoes that are out of stock everywhere, but still are so damn cool…

ok that’s enough for tonight!

I’ve caught a cold that is killing me, especially because with my nose totally blocked I cannot breath properly, so there’s the serious chance that the whole wish list I put down here is a huge crap resulting from the lack of oxygen in my brain!

nite nite
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