BOYS CLUB exhibition

In these days I am deadly busy ’cause I am working on many many things plus I am getting ready all the the printed materials for this exhibition that will take place in Milan during Man fashion week 2010. Come by for the opening on Sunday 17th December!
It will showcase the work of Joost Vandebrug, Bart Julius Peters, Chocolat_Poire, Kyle Tryhorn, Hyun Yeu
PRESENTATION by Martin Butler with Tony jones models.
I promise it will be good!

4 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  exhibition / photography
  1. wow, seams good!

  2. well yeah..! finger crossed x :)
    hopefully next week I will have the video from exhibition to publish!

  3. …ma che mi devo aspettare? ;)

  4. bè…è una mostra fotografica in occasione della fashion week uomo ma devo dire che ognuno dei fotografi che espone ha uno stile diverso e personalissimo…qualcuno più hardcore e qualcuno + soft… :)

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