Amica X Diesel

Thursday at Diesel Penthouse it has been showcased a collection of photography works that a few artist – Alessandro Dal Buoni, Mark Pillai, Jean Francois Lepage, Massimo Pamparana + Philippe Lacombe and Dirk Seiden Schwan – have been featuring for Amica X Diesel.
I was exactly in the mood of having a good time, probably because I had such a shit day at work, and I went down to Diesel headquarter ready to party …party and party! And I didn’t disappoint myself, since me and a couple of my colleagues that came home with us went to bed at three o’clock in the morning! Surprisingly the day after I manage to keep up pretty well with the thousand things I had to do at work…

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  1. che bella serata! graziieeee x l'invito !!! xxx

  2. always a pleasure dear :D

  3. Devi fare un lavoro molto bello con tutte le difficoltà che questo mondo porta.. bell blog! Passa da me se ti và e lascia un commento

    Velvet Rose

  4. La campagna pubblicitaria di Diesel è pervasiva, sono dappertutto con mille idee diverse, e devo dire che quella "Be Stupid" le supera tutte!

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