No time for blogging

So many things happening in these days that I have no time for blogging at all (I am committing all my time to keep Setyourstyle updated).
But I found this image on Daniele’s tumblr and couldn’t resist… I had to “steal” it! :)

Happy Weekend!
I’ll be working…hope you’ll have fun! xoxo

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  1. Hi darling! I love that quote hahahha

    Darling I wanted to say I love that you used the Gemma images from my site on set your style post at below link

    In the post, there is a mistake with the credits. The interview was by me. Can you please kindly change that on the site please?

    Thanks so much xx

  2. io l'ho copiata a chiara e non so che darei per avere questo gilet. buon inizio settimana. baci iole

  3. haha, well looks like I go to fashion hell then.

  4. haha, well looks like I go to fashion hell then.

  5. I want a tshirt just like that !

    (not that I really am a fashion blogger anyways)

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