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Andrea Crews

This serie of drawings that I post here are from French creative collective Andrea Crews, definitely one of my fav. They r all about experimentation, personal creatvity, individuality and recycling.

Recently I had the chance to speak to Maroussia, the creative crazy head behind the project, and I asked her a few questions about their cutting edge fashion design. It turned out an awesome interview…read it  here!

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Stripes in Berlin

This season stripes seams to be everywhere. Even on graffiti walls!
For more stripes check out Giusy’s post

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Image source: The Sartorialist

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I’ve got just shoes on my head

Illustrations by Dorthe Smeby
Since I am trying, for once in life, to save some money for my future plans I have decided to resist the urge of buying new shoes, which I obviously don’t need, but I found these illustrations that for some reasons brought back the subject on my mind and made me laugh:D

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Quote of the day #08

I don’t know who this quote belongs to. I have found it over the web some time ago, liked it and saved it. Today it popped out during my “Mac after easter cleaning” and I liked it even more (the theme follows the Life Is Too Short subject of one of my last posts), so I write it down in a black and white typography, just as I like it.

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Happy Easter!

…to all the pink-eared bunnies out there!
Eat as much chocolate eggs as you can  xoxo

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Too short.

Browsing through Purple Diary I stumbled across this image and loved it so much! Here is the story behind it:
The new film Global Shrinks by Barbara Kruger opened this week at Mary Boone. Similar to her iconic photo collages layered with text, the film is a combination of image with text projected onto four walls of the gallery. The text appears either directly on the blank wall or scrolling along the bottom of an image. Through either dialogue or movement, each addresses relatable emotions ranging from dissatisfaction to pleasure. Some tell jokes while others simply cry. These storylines are interwoven with footage of religious ceremonies (a gathering of Hasidic Jews, Muslims praying in a Mosque, etc). The screens unexpectedly cut out in the middle of scenes forcing the viewer to change position and face a new wall practically turning in a circle to keep up with the face paced work.” Until May 1st at Mary Boone Gallery, 541 West 24th Street, New York. Text and photo Juliana Balestin

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