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Alexander McQueen + Skulls + Patterns = LUV

I love McQueen and I am extremely fascinated with skulls and patterns…so the new SS 2010 eyewear ad is kind of perfect for me. A bit sick but very effective.
Today is the second post with a slightly macabre feeling and involving somebody who’s dead, which is a coincidence, even if I admit that I am enthralled by the idea of things finding a new way of life rising from the ashes, reborn to live again.  

Pics source: Formatmag

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Gianfranco Ferré Is Not Dead, Fashion System Is.

NEO Installation by Italian designer Felice Limosani at Luisa Via Roma during Pitti Moda Uomo in Florence. Which are your thoughts? Just a provocation against the fashion system? Or is the fashion system really kind of struggling looking for further innovative languages and inspirations to express itsel?

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Altered Covers

I have just discovered here these awesome altered covers by Christopher Copper. Here I post my favourites but it was quite hard to choose cause they are all amazing. My Ex Boyfriend Has To Find Himself I’m in love.

My Ex Boyfriend Has To Find Himself

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Without money we’d all be rich

The money issue… lately it seems like nobody has got money but everybody is talking about them! So, let’s talk about cash, yeah! At least with some nice images like the above lasercut money wads with tattoo style subjects by Scott Campbell (tatto artist from Brooklyn, found here) and a few pics from Moschino‘s window set up, where money say “Love is free”. But I am not sure this statement is always true…what do u think?

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Today visiting SangBleu I came across this creepy and beautiful ballet video that I want to share with you. It’s a fragment from bODY_rEMIX / gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS (2005), by Compagnie Marie Chouinard.
It’s kind of sick in a way, but so fascinating that you cannot stop watching and you end up wanting more. I am sure it must be rad watching it in a theater! Plus, I absolutely adore the dancers styling, a mix between Freyagusy cage garments and VPL, Visible Panty Line by Victoria Bartlet.

Hope you are having an exciting sunday! Love xxx

Above pics from

Above pics from Victoria Bartlet and VPL Catalogue, edited by Dopolavoro Golab.
Check here the pics from the fashion event.

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