Without money we’d all be rich

The money issue… lately it seems like nobody has got money but everybody is talking about them! So, let’s talk about cash, yeah! At least with some nice images like the above lasercut money wads with tattoo style subjects by Scott Campbell (tatto artist from Brooklyn, found here) and a few pics from Moschino‘s window set up, where money say “Love is free”. But I am not sure this statement is always true…what do u think?

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  1. ahah remaind me of the Beatels song money can't buy me love….

  2. Money money money| =)


  3. those money artworks are amazing! how did he made them???

  4. @laura they're lasercut, and result is incredible!

  5. so true! then i wouldn't have to sit here and pine after miu miu shoes. :)
    thanks for the gorgeous comments, miss! <3 xx

  6. love this blog! definitely following! (:

    xx rena.


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    u have a great blog here!!!!!

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  8. love these photos! great inspiration.

    xx raez

  9. i think they are all great photos!


  10. Wow, I LOVE how he turned the money into art.. just amazing!

  11. Wow, I LOVE how he turned the money into art.. just amazing!

  12. great post!
    we r all slaves of money i think..
    love ur blog!!

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  14. No, I don't think love is free. It's the same as money in the best way. It's only worth it if it's earned. :)

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