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Last days to enter the silver skull pendant giveaway!! Hurry up girls, it’s so delicious!
Go here to join the competition.
Winner will be announced the 3rd of August.

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Self Service | SS2010 | Extract

One of the things that I love about working for a communication agency is that fashion/urban/style magazines and books are everywhere. If one day I had nothing to do I could easily spend the entire day flipping thorough them, without getting bored at all. Well, to be honest it never happens that I find myself with nothing to do – we are always pretty busy over here, oh yes, pretty busy indeed! – but most of the time the “new mag calling” is too strong to resist and I need to indulge myself with a little time spent flipping and going through them!
So, today I was flipping through Self Service mag (which I especially love because of its typography titles and because of its hard cover that makes it look like a book) and I have found this editorial that I loved so much that I thought to share it with you…
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!
Kisses and rock’n roll

Photographer: Hans Feurer

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Inspiration | Paint your lips in pale shade of green

Shots by Warwick Saint
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Thanks to lovely Marian that this morning published this great post about mesh/lace/cage shoes I am currently fighting with a new shoe obsession… the Candela Taylor Punk Oxford!
White or black? 
I’m so in love! ♥

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The Fire Eater: Jessica Love x TANK magazine | Photography by Guto

Jessica Love, originally from Los Angeles, was introduced to fire-eating by her magician boyfriend. She loves the “adrenalin, attention and experiences” of performing. Her tattoos, all self-drawn, are another performance. One creeps across her back and her stomach before eventually forming two skeletal hands across her chest, while the text that adorns her leg is a poem she has written about time. “The tattoos all have meaning to me,” she says, “And yes they hurt. But I don’t regret them.”

Photography by Guto
Styling by Chloe Kerman

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I love this shot so much… color and composition are just perfect, and the little odd tattoo in the style of memento mori adds the final twist to it!

Photographer: Basilio Silva

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