Gimme more studs | DIY STUDDED TOP + SANDALS

Since when I discovered iron-on studs I wanted to create something like this! My problem is I don’t have enough time to play around with these stuff… But last week I have been on holidays from work (just a few days, but that’s enough) so I had the chance to experiment a little bit. I love, love, love the result! Hope you like it as well.

…and make sure you check back this week cause giveaway is coming soon!
Luv xxx

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  1. OMG that top is crazy!!!!
    super cool, loving it!!

  2. I adore your look and jewelry!! so rad

  3. You did those studs by yourself? No way it's amazing! Great DIY, I really mean it :D

  4. Great look, stunning photos :))

  5. Fantastic DIY!! I love it!

  6. Fantastic DIY!! I love it!

  7. very nice indeed! love studs, always!

  8. Amazing results. I can't believe there are iron-on studs…

  9. This is one of the coolest tees I've ever seen. I love that it has the design of Union Jack. The denim shorts are also very cool

  10. Love those shoes!!! oooh la la hot!
    xo The Beckerman girls

  11. pesca strange fruit says:

    blava blava….this is a new skill u!!!

  12. @pesca strange fruite ahahaha mi plendi pel il cu**o?

  13. The chapel says:

    Great job I love it !

  14. Awesome awesome awesome!! :)

  15. great job! It is amazing what a little bit of metalwear could do!

  16. Love love love th t-shirt!! It's really great

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


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