Inked people of the night

I am always fascinated with the images and words that people feel the urge to get tattooed over their bodies, sticking a needle into their skin. I love big, bold tattoos but I am also very much charmed by little black tattoos that look nearly like something scribbled by pen on paper.
The hottest thing at the moment talking about inked skin? Tattooed fingers, but not just that. Here is a small black tattoos’ pics collection that I like found around the web. Get inspired!

Source: Pics 1/2/3/7/8 are from

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  1. Drink it Up Baby is extra hot!

  2. Drink it Up Baby is extra hot!

  3. i like the bow, crosses in the last image. that s clever.
    I like the look of black small tattoos, particularly in inside of fingers, when it is scrawled like handwriting but im too scared to get any as firstly im scared of needles and secondly i get tired of things so easily.

  4. I want a cross on my legs too.
    Great photos

  5. I want a cross on my legs too.
    Great photos

  6. love the tatoos and the last photo of the rings!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  7. love these indeed! espesh the first one.

    xx raez

  8. WrenRennard says:

    I really love finger tatts!

  9. I really love finger tatts!

  10. love the stars…and the bow on the finger is so cute!

  11. finger tattoos my like! and the cross too

  12. tnx girls for all your comments! it really seems that finger tatts rulez! who's the first tog get one?

  13. So fascinated with how and why people choose certain tattoos too. Love these images, so very powerful

  14. The chapel says:

    Fantastic rings and tattoos !!

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