Let me see you stripped down to the bone

Let me see you stripped down to the bone
Let me hear you crying just for me

Photographer: Gaetan Caputo

13 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  photography
  1. really like this portrait

  2. really like this portrait

  3. wow thats a crazy pic x

  4. Wow, its really eye catching, nice!!

  5. I love your blog ;)
    You look goregorus.

    I'm following you! If you want, follow me !

    Kisss! <3


  6. just found your blog. we are already followers! keep in touch? this post is amazing

    lots of love


  7. That make-up is amazing

  8. That make-up is amazing

  9. Amazing picture. It's very haunting looking with the smoke.

  10. Awesome ! Very inspiring too…

  11. Wow, impressive make-up!

  12. great image, impressive handywork

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