Nove25 Skull+Svarovski pendant GIVEAWAY

As I promised last week, here it comes the longed-for GIVEAWAY by Nove25 mentioned in one of my last posts.
Good news, the competition is open to readers from all over the world!

If you want to have the chance to receive home this beautifully crafted silver skull pendant with shiny Svarovski crystals, super edgy and *hand made with love in Italy*, you need to follow these simple steps:

1* become a follower of the blog by hitting the FOLLOW button at the top left of the page
2* follow me on twitter or become friend on facebook
3* leave a comment claiming the pendant and leaving your email address

If you win, I would like you to send me a pic of you (or your girlfriend if you are going to make a present) wearing it, or make a post on your blog!

The competition is open until August 3th 2010. Good luck ppl!

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  1. me want, so amazing! please please please
    I'm following here and on twitter (isabell79)

  2. I'm already following :)
    that skull is crazy, it will look great around my neck!!! I promise

  3. soooo chic! I really love it!

  4. thanks for your comment! i make similar skulls so won't enter but just wanted to let you know you have a stunning haircut! gorgeous!!

  5. GIVE AWAY!!!! OK, I am now a follower, hope I win :)), xoxo

  6. yes i do :) it's made from clay though, not metal. hand sculpted. i mainly make skulls etc.. here is one on my shop:

    thanks for your comment!xx

  7. following
    my would kill for this skull, seriously!

  8. following
    my would kill for this skull, seriously!


    No words for it!


  10. This is awsome!
    I'm following you on all the things.

  11. This is awsome!
    I'm following you on all the things.

  12. hey…i would loooove to have the skull around my really is gorgeous!!!
    i'm following you!

    P.S thanks 4 the comment! do stop by again…


  13. This is a fab giveaway honey!
    It is a great piece.
    Following you now darling and here is to hoping i win! :)
    Big kiss

  14. Great giveaway! Following you via Google Friend Connect, following you on Twitter (@shariknight). Love your blog, esp. the Depeche Mode post below! XO!

  15. Oh, my email! littlebluedeer{at}

  16. Wow!! I love this giveaway!! The necklace is so beautiful!!

  17. This is so wonderful!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I was going to follow anyways regardless of the giveaway. You have a lovely blog!

    <3 Kelly

  18. I'm following via Google (Jasmine1485), following on Twitter (@NTFancy) AND added you on Facebook (Kate Ryan).

    I'd love to enter, thanks so much for the giveaway :)

    Kate1485 at

  19. I added you on FB and I'm following you right now.

  20. I added you on FB and I'm following you right now.

  21. This is soooo HOT! so rock n roll and chic at the same time. fantastic idea :)
    I'm in, in in!!!!
    btw very interesting blog!!

  22. For some reason when I saw this necklace the lyrics "we're in the deathclub/all free to sin away/take your own life/membership is pain" immediately sprang to mind. Which is my way of saying it's lovely. :)

  23. Oh, and I added you on Facebook.

  24. Ooh.. My kind of giveaway. Skulls! :)

    Thought I was following you already, well, I am now :)

    sheikh.ruhi at

  25. Following on twitter too :)

    Sheikh.ruhi at

  26. i like it!

    xx charmediem*

  27. Fatima A. says:

    love the necklace!

  28. love the necklace!

  29. Good Morning ;)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :D
    I wish you a fantastick weekend ;)

    Following you on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and on Blogspot :D I really want that necklace!

    Hr Johansen

  30. great giveaway, im following you on bloglovin' and twitter. lovely piece :)

  31. Hello! Thanks for the lovely comment and for following Baroque Boudoir.
    Being obsessed with blinging jewellery AND skulls, I'd love to win the necklace!
    I'm following here and on twitter (LisaGaston)
    MadameG2010 at gmail dot com

    MG xx

  32. { I V Y } says:

    this pendant will be mine! haha
    i followed you and on twitter too!

  33. this pendant will be mine! haha
    i followed you and on twitter too!

  34. Heather Yarnell says:

    Love it.
    Following, friended and hoping. ;)

  35. this necklace is sooo cool! hope to win it

    i follow you and asked your friendship on fb (modemoiselle myriam)

  36. What an awesome necklace :D

    I am following you here and just added you as friend on facebook.

    My e-mail is

  37. Oh yay! YES! chains/diamonds/skulls! ME already following you girl, wobblin betty ROCKing it out!

    Thank u Thank u!! xx

  38. Hi! thanks for your comment!

    love your giveaway ;) I followed your with facebook and bloglovin ;)

    hope to win


  39. thank you, this necklace would look perfect with my jacket, so I hope I win!
    But that's not the only reason I wanna follow your blog, I do like it ^^


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