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One of the things that I love about working for a communication agency is that fashion/urban/style magazines and books are everywhere. If one day I had nothing to do I could easily spend the entire day flipping thorough them, without getting bored at all. Well, to be honest it never happens that I find myself with nothing to do – we are always pretty busy over here, oh yes, pretty busy indeed! – but most of the time the “new mag calling” is too strong to resist and I need to indulge myself with a little time spent flipping and going through them!
So, today I was flipping through Self Service mag (which I especially love because of its typography titles and because of its hard cover that makes it look like a book) and I have found this editorial that I loved so much that I thought to share it with you…
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!
Kisses and rock’n roll

Photographer: Hans Feurer

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  1. I'm so envious! I would go mad if I had all the magazine for me, love them sooo much!
    this editorial is stunning, love her style and hairstyle, she's so firce!

  2. Truly Inspirational, thanks for sharing!!! xoxo

  3. These photos are amazing!

  4. These photos are amazing!

  5. wow! love it!

  6. These are so great. The 3rd and 4th are amazing!

  7. these are crazy awesome!
    I work for a magazine and i know wat u mean… inspiring books, editorials, trend books everywher… if only I had the time to interpret any of them :P

  8. These are just incredible! Totally loving these to bits! The energy of the model and the sort of free raw way she is being shot…not to mention the clothes n shit!! AMAZING! Gonna have to do a bit of right click save here…hehe.
    Hope your well Miss B, love your inspiring blog.
    Kisses & enjoy the weekend x

  9. I love these!So beautiful yet edgy.

    Now following! Hope you'll do the same


  10. Very beautiful.

  11. 3rd and 4th photos – awesome!

  12. i love looking in magazines too! its such a relaxing way to spend your day! hope youre having a wonderful summer and weekend darling.thanks for stopping by me! if you only were to choose one city- choose berlin instead.. its such a fun city! can never get enough of berlin…

  13. Never heard of this mag before, I'll def have to check it out! The fashion is seriously amazing.

  14. Never heard of this mag before, I'll def have to check it out! The fashion is seriously amazing.

  15. i like your post!


  16. Wow, these images are fantastic. They definitely caught my attention!
    Love your blog title/font/typography, too!

  17. Look at that hair… I LOVE it!!

  18. What an amazing shoot. Thanks for sharing!


  19. amazing imagery! wonderful, thank you for sharing these

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