The Fire Eater: Jessica Love x TANK magazine | Photography by Guto

Jessica Love, originally from Los Angeles, was introduced to fire-eating by her magician boyfriend. She loves the “adrenalin, attention and experiences” of performing. Her tattoos, all self-drawn, are another performance. One creeps across her back and her stomach before eventually forming two skeletal hands across her chest, while the text that adorns her leg is a poem she has written about time. “The tattoos all have meaning to me,” she says, “And yes they hurt. But I don’t regret them.”

Photography by Guto
Styling by Chloe Kerman

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  1. crazy editorial!
    TANK is always so edgy! I love the image where she is laid down and you can see the leg tattoo!!

  2. I've seen photos of Jessice Love before and always wondered what her inspiration was for her tattoos. Thanks for the link x

  3. But it's amazing the kind of Tattoo she's got on her face!! is it for real? or just a decoration?

  4. WOW!!! Fierce and Fabulous!!! xoxo

  5. Wow, amazing editorial. I love all the tats!

  6. The third photo is amazing, I love it. Overall the editorial is very good

  7. The third photo is amazing, I love it. Overall the editorial is very good

  8. i love the hairstyling in the second photo!

  9. Hi, outstanding post, those pics are breathtaking but to be honest I've seen better tats though.
    Have a nice time while keep on wobblin' & bloggin'!

  10. @mikapoka I think you are right about tatts!

  11. Amazing editorial and amazing girl!

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