Into the Woods: from HUMAN to ANIMAL | Leather.Fur.HardMetal.Blood.Crosses.Skin.Teeth.Scars.Belts.Eroticism

MFP-MariaFrancescaPepe’s AW10/11 collection explores the state of transition from human to animal, from life to death and vice versa as a condition of beauty. Leather, Fur, Hard Metal, Blood, Crosses, Skin, Teeth, Scars, Belts and Eroticism are all components of MariaFrancescaPepes’ new season dark aesthetic enhanced by corset-shaped dresses, the focus on the décolleté and the transparencies of a tough femininity. The jewellery is an inner component of the clothing: chains for trousers, necklaces that define the edges of tailored jackets and plated brass crosses stud the georgette as embroidery. A multitude of belts buckled with metal vampire’s teeth, fall from the back of corsets as tails. Statement jewellery pieces in the shape of 3D crosses and teeth complete the collection next to MFP’s infamous Tubulars reinvented this season in a sprayed pop-trash effect as if stained by a spill of blood.

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  1. truly amazing!!! xoxo

  2. those are insane! but totally awesome…inspiring some DIY's lol :D

  3. the wolf tee is crazy and all the jewelry is insane
    really like this collection

  4. AH! I NEED that chain link pant accessory! and the skirt with the ties in the back. Fantastic! xo

  5. Loving this collection – especially the chains and teeth!

  6. What an inspiring collection…each is a work of art…and love the thinking behind it…your blog looks fab with these big photos…bravo!

  7. these designs are amazing. They way they way composed is inspiring.

  8. that tooth necklace is AMAZING love these looks! – great blog

    thanks for visiting – hope you'll follow me soon !

  9. Ooooo its a shade darker then dark. The accesories remind me of Tatty Devine.

    Hope all is well matey.

    Yours truly


  10. the styling and model are fabulous
    i really like this!

  11. The third picture is amazing

  12. The third picture is amazing

  13. I just died and went to heaven,
    I cannot believe something as unbelievable as this has been created. I am in awe.
    I AM IN AWE!!!

  14. These are amazing! I love the animal details and the accessories are gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. This whole collection is amazing but particularly in awe of the awesome jewellery. x

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