Shots from Cheap Monday AW10 catalogue.

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  1. really like this!

  2. last pic is so ethereal that's quite amazing

  3. Truly amazing, I LOVE every shot!!! Brilliant!!! xoxo

  4. these a great- i love the first one especially!

  5. cute blog! love these pics!

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  6. What an inventive way to wear eye make-up! Gorgeous photos!

  7. shes gorgeous! i love her eyebrows. wow! she looks so stunning.

  8. That's so crazy! Are those her eyebrows, or shadows? Very Friday the 13th appropriate, I would say! XO!

  9. Beautiful shots!

    You won a giveaway on my blog!

  10. i love that make-up eyebrow effect

  11. first shot she looks like a ghost

  12. amazing shoot!
    i'm speechless, literally. thanks for sharing :D

    Castor Pollux

  13. these pics are amazing!

    Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

  14. these pics are amazing!

    Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

  15. Amazing pics.

    I follow you now also via twetter.


  16. N.A.RIDYARD says:

    Cheap Monday ALWAYS gets it right!

  17. Cheap Monday ALWAYS gets it right!

  18. love these shots! the lighting is amazing


  19. Gorgeous!! I really love how sharp the model looks! xoxoxoxoo

  20. these are amazing!

  21. very artistic shots
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  22. Love these photos!

  23. nice post…

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  24. I love these photos!
    It's cool and sharp.
    I love this mood.

  25. wow your blog is coool! ;)

  26. who knew Cheap Monday has such a cool lookbook? Love the use of light and shadow.

  27. What great photos – so edgy. x

  28. AHH! Just when I thought i couldn't love cheap monday more. loving the eyebrow makeup for sure.

  29. i peeped the CM cad's as well, and pretty much was interested by the same styles as well.
    great minds….
    much love.

    The Covetist

  30. i love bigger brows!

  31. verseastyle says:

    Very inspirational.

  32. Mode Coco says:

    wwow so TOP, love your blog:)

  33. wwow so TOP, love your blog:)

  34. Beautiful photos. The makeup is amazing too

  35. i loveeee that makeup! she looks amazing x

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