SHR***MP l Graffiti on G*rls

Some time ago I discovered this amazing Graffiti site – thanks to Fullscream for the link – that I want to share with you! It is called SHR***MP Graffiti on G*rls and is quite different from the usual ones. In fact this time graffiti artists are not decorating building walls or train carriages but naked girls’ bodies! It’s a new trend that places itself somewhere between body painting and tattoo art and, if you know how to paint with brushes and spray can, maybe you will be happy to know that online you can enter contests, get your work rated by a jury and win prizes.
But beware: you must be +18 old to enter the site cause you will find plenty of girls wearing nothing but body paint!

Top image from 123 Klan “Banditism”contest - and last two are by G-KILLI’m really sorry but I don’t have the artist credits for the other two shots from SHR***MP Graffiti on G*rls

Oh, and later on this evening I will announce the GIVEAWAY winner, so stay tuned!

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  1. S t a r r y N i g h t says:



  2. crazy, I love graffiti!!!
    I must check out what is needed to be a model ;)

  3. I thought that the first one was a shirt, the graffitis are very cool

  4. I thought that the first one was a shirt, the graffitis are very cool

  5. WOW!!! How magnificent!!! LOVE it!!! xoxo

  6. the first design is amazing!! wow these artists are really talented. Thanks for sharing

  7. I love the second last graffiti
    its really match with the pose of the model

  8. love body painting!

  9. Wow, so badass!

  10. wow so awsome!!!
    so cool!

  11. that graffiti is insane! my favorite is definitely the first shot


  12. Wow cool pics.. Thank you for the comment.x

  13. Wow that first image is fierce!

  14. Wow that first image is fierce!

  15. i love graffiti art – these are really amazing

    thank you for your comment! keep visiting/following :)

  16. Wow this is pretty sweet – I've seen some body art but this takes it to a different level!

  17. wow these are amazing!! really awesome photos!!

  18. je trouve cela magnifique, j'aime beaucoup

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