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Being an art director I’m always thrilled when I come across some very well executed fashion loobook!
Thanks to Cyril Style for sharing this.
Also their ADV is quite interesting, love the surreal feeling and the model dark make-up.

Below my fav images from last season lookbook. I had to stop myself from converting them to B&W, which I would love even more!

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  1. second and third images are stunning

  2. totally agree on the black and white thing about last season lookbook
    anyway, the images are all so beautiful and different!

  3. foto interessanti

  4. These pictures are absolutely fantastic! Love the effects.:)sarahD

  5. WOW truly stunning!!! xoxo

  6. These phots are CRAZY, love them!

  7. These phots are CRAZY, love them!

  8. these are incredible! Its always good to see something from a different perspective! thanks for sharing xx

  9. The first set of photos are insanee, wow!


  10. YES YES YES@ the first lookbook! my school's magazine, 180 Magazine, recently did a Hockney-inspired photoshoot where they cut up prints of the images and re assembled them! same type of thing! love it.

  11. If you have the chance, you should definitely go to Chicago! They have an easy to use underground system, and all of the streets are so clean there! And then there is of course the incredible architecture. It's like each large building was blessed/designed by a famous architect! It's amazing. xo

  12. Awesome! If you come to San Francisco, let me know!

  13. Super cool, pure art!!!

  14. Love these and the rest of your blog!

  15. they present such interesting illusions on the eye

  16. these pics are incredible, thanks for sharing!

  17. I saw these amazing works, I love this style,
    the silhouettes are so original , there is a great work on the cuttings …

    I love it !

  18. amazing, i love this.

    xx raez

  19. wow the first shots are sick!!


  20. really really really LOVELY!!!!!!:)

  21. really really really LOVELY!!!!!!:)

  22. I love how surreal their lookbook is.

    P.S. I'm super jealous of your job.

  23. very cool piccies!

  24. These are great photos.
    I love this mood.

  25. Very cool!! I can't take my eyes off the model's hair!! xoxoxoxoo

  26. Wow! those photo's are really interesting

  27. Wow! those photo's are really interesting

  28. great
    I like the concept of those photoshoot :D

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