This morning I woke up with Benga’s “Diary of an Afro Warrior” song in my head which led naturally to this urban warriors inspired post.
Strength, courage and spiky stuff mixed with street/urban style are one of my biggest inspiration and I always collect all the images I found that represent this concept. Here some of my favourite shots, love each one of them lot, hope you will love them too!
From top:
1. Tumbler
2.3.4 Dinah Hayt
5. Dazed and Confused – Issue August 07
6. Mariano Vivanco for Dazed and Confused – Issue August 07 – styling: Nicola Formichetti
7. Benjamin Alexander Huseby for Dazed and Confused – Issue August 07 – styling: Nicola Formichetti
8.9. Knotan
10.11.  Dimitris Theocharis for SCHON! magazine – styling: Charles Adesanya
12. Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz

I’m leaving you with Benga’s tune… enjoy!
♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. jeez these guys are sexy!!! wow tnx for posting this!

  2. Awesome pictures!!! xoxo

  3. stunning pic collection!

  4. love the tattoos

  5. It's my first time on your blog and it's so beautiful! Visit mine in return?

    juliet xxx

  6. I love this aesthetic! Each photo had so much to take it.

  7. These are really strong & powerful images…I like!SarahD:)

  8. Amazing pictures! Do you know who the designer are from picture 8 & 9?

    x precilla

  9. What a stunning collection of images. You rock my boat with these!

  10. Thanks for the link! I fond the brands, it's Odeur.

    Thanks to you I found a new cool brand!

    x pris

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