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The modern San Franciscan by Mike Giant

I have spotted this trippy illustration some time ago on I love you magazine and I wanted to post it very badly but I always forgot to take a snap of it. By chance I found it online…and here it is.
The genius behind it is Mike Giant. Do I need to say anything more?
Enjoy and get lost reading through it! 
And if you are a San Franciscan gal tell me if, and for what, you can identify with it! 
Kisses and rock’n roll xxx

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Bal Masqué | Vogue Paris Oct 2010

Lara Stone, Freja Erichsen & Mariacarla Boscono By Mert & Marcus.
I’m in love with this editorial!

Images via Twistedlamb and  25Century

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Nonsense in the dark

Thanks to Leigh De Vries I came across this editorial that Paco Peregrin shot for Avenue Illustrated magazine last year. Styling (by Kattaka), make-up and hair (by Genoveva Gamez) are a wonderful source of inspiration, especially now that we are going into fall.
Oversized black lips vs nude/white lips: what’s your choice?

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The tandem ring

Hello beautiful people! It’s ages from my last post, I knoooow, but this week has been very busy so far…work…friends I didn’t see for ages staying over at my place…fashion week…no sleep…more friends coming over and so on…I mean, nice things all together, I’m not complaining, but I didn’t even have time to change my nail polish…  :)
So eventually today I found the time to post some pics of this amazing tandem ring that I won entering a giveawy competition on Adele’s blog, The ring is from Dollybird and is very simple and yet quite amazing, I have never seen anything similar before. In fact, I’m usually more attracted from big chunky jewelry, as you can see in the last pic above, but this ring really stands out! Thank you Adele for posting this competition!

Pics by FullSCR

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RAD by RAD Hourani | PVC + asymmetric details + SQUARE SUNGLASSES

I’m in love with Rad by Rad Hourani SS11 collection that showed last Monday at NY fashion week. Read about it in this awesome article + interview on DazedDigital. Backstage by Morgan O’Donovan.

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Inked |

Hello sweeties! I’m so happy and excited ’cause finally last Saturday I managed to get the so longed for tattoo!! It’s not finished yet, so I will show you the final result later, but for now I can tell you I’m so f***n happy with it! Luigi never ever disappoints me! Love the way he works!
Also on Saturday I received the amazing giveaway ring that I won from Adele at! It is really beautiful, cannot wait to show you (I just need to find the time to snap some nice pics of it) :)
Apart from these highlights I’m afraid this it’s going to be a very busy working week…but stay tuned because soon enough I will post my next giveaway!
kisses and rock’n roll

Pics by FullSCR

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