Bal Masqué | Vogue Paris Oct 2010

Lara Stone, Freja Erichsen & Mariacarla Boscono By Mert & Marcus.
I’m in love with this editorial!

Images via Twistedlamb and  25Century

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  1. OMFG this is delicious!
    Mert & Marcus are insane!

  2. this editorial is lust for my eyes

  3. Amazing editorial! I like editorials with a dark twist.

    May I ask…what do you study? or do you work?


  4. i want a mask or five- that is what this is reminding me of-
    thanks a lot for stopping by me-
    hope youre having a great week-
    what are you up to?


  5. Hoe awesome! I’ve been thinking of also becoming an art director. It’s a fascinating job. How long have you been going it?

    x pris

  6. so cool again keep them coming!

  7. Amazing editorial,I adore the 1st and the 4th dress :X I wish I had them :)

  8. absolutely gorgeous shots! thanks for sharing!

  9. lOVE that last photo!

  10. BEYOND incredible. a fantasy come true!

  11. thanks!i also lov ur photos :) xx

  12. thanks!i also lov ur photos :) xx

  13. loved this. the styling is magnificent!

    xx raez

  14. Stunning pictures!

  15. Wow!! I want the hair, I want the masks!! xoxoxoxoo

  16. These photos are incredible, so so so good xx

  17. im so in love with these photos

  18. Mask is very fascinate item…
    And 2n photo,the bone wear is very interesting.
    I love this "hand" makeup too.

  19. i love these girls! most especially freja :)

    cool blog! followed you on bloglovin' :)

  20. this is very good for you, ybg :)

  21. nice post. thanks.

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