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Hello sweeties! I’m so happy and excited ’cause finally last Saturday I managed to get the so longed for tattoo!! It’s not finished yet, so I will show you the final result later, but for now I can tell you I’m so f***n happy with it! Luigi never ever disappoints me! Love the way he works!
Also on Saturday I received the amazing giveaway ring that I won from Adele at! It is really beautiful, cannot wait to show you (I just need to find the time to snap some nice pics of it) :)
Apart from these highlights I’m afraid this it’s going to be a very busy working week…but stay tuned because soon enough I will post my next giveaway!
kisses and rock’n roll

Pics by FullSCR

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  1. omg that must have been so painful, how do you have such a smile on your face? that's super!
    would like to see it all though :)

  2. you are so brave to get a tattoo! I could never have the guts to get one! It sounds so exciting! xoxoxooxxoo

  3. I'm also planning a new tattoo on my back! your post inspired me to contact my tattooer :)

  4. WOW I love these pics! Amazing

  5. WOW I love these pics! Amazing

  6. and LOOOVE the tattoo

  7. and LOOOVE the tattoo

  8. OMG… you are one tough chick. :D
    so followed you.

  9. WOW.lovely tattoo. obsessed with your strong photographs.

  10. Love the photos, and your tattooooo! xx

  11. ♥ ♥ ♥
    you're SO cute!!!
    can't wait to see the finished pix!!!

  12. waauw coooool photos!!


  13. I second the covetist, you ARE SO cute! From what I could see of it, your tat looks rad! And how awesome is that, that you got hooked up with some tasty vegan food while you were there! Nice!

  14. oh cant wait till its finished x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  15. oh cant wait till its finished x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  16. Love your hair!!! Sooo rockin'!!! Mine is pink too! Your tatoo looks soooo rad and WICKED!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!
    Love your blog!!!
    Big kisses,
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  17. congrats on the giveaway ring! want to see it on NOW:)
    btw. never seen a scared girl look that cute in a long time – i bet its gotta've hurt..
    im too much of a coward to do that- and also too big of a change-of-mind'er. so it would be an insanely bad idea for me to do a tattoo
    cant wait to see a bigger close.up of the tattoo. have a great week!


  18. btw. my weekend was calm.. im just trying to get things done in time for fashion week..a lot a washing clothes that needs to be done and other boredomness. x

  19. awww man, i want a new tattoo soooo bad! can't wait to see yours

  20. Fabulous photos girl!

  21. thanks! i lov ur blog! xxx

  22. thanks! i lov ur blog! xxx

  23. Last photo is amazing color!
    It's mysterious red…

  24. Ohhhh I wish I had a tatto too, but I'm afraid of the pain :/
    The pics are really great !
    M and S

  25. hey gorgeous! was it painful??
    looking forward to seeing more pics.

  26. for everybody that asked, it wasn't very painful to get this tattoo… I mean, obviously it depends form how much you can stand pain, but anyway considering the position inside the arm I was expecting it to hurt much more than that
    but yeah, it was worst than the one I got behind my neck!

  27. Madison's Assortment says:

    OMG I love to look at tattoos but I don't think I'll get one! I'm too much of a wimp and it's such a big decision!

  28. OMG I love to look at tattoos but I don't think I'll get one! I'm too much of a wimp and it's such a big decision!

  29. If been lately dreaming of a tattoo also!

    juliet xxx

  30. wow! i could never get a tattoo, i have such a low tolerance for pain.

  31. I really want to get a tattoo too. Can't wait for your result! I'll keep checking!


  32. You're beautiful!
    And that's such a great spot for a tattoo! Can't wait to see the final images.
    rock on!

  33. amazing pictures, i love the last one!

  34. really nice pictures, and cool tattoo by the way :)

  35. Wow awesome this is exciting girl!! Inner arm…ouch…you look like your taking it like a real women, look at that smile hehe nice one honey! Hey your hair frikkin rocks. Is it actually pink or is this a trick of the photography? Either way your rather fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished result x

  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE your tattoo, AWESOME!!! KISSES, Jemina, xoxo

  37. You're such a tease!! Can't wait to see the final piece xx

  38. una meraviglia avervi avuto qua in famiglia! spero di rivedervi presto e di sapere che il tuo tattoo è guarito bene e che ne sei felice!

    Mi ha fatto tanto piacere conoscere Ced, salutalo tanto da parte nostra!

    ***Miss and the family***

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