The modern San Franciscan by Mike Giant

I have spotted this trippy illustration some time ago on I love you magazine and I wanted to post it very badly but I always forgot to take a snap of it. By chance I found it online…and here it is.
The genius behind it is Mike Giant. Do I need to say anything more?
Enjoy and get lost reading through it! 
And if you are a San Franciscan gal tell me if, and for what, you can identify with it! 
Kisses and rock’n roll xxx

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  1. Great picture! I've spent ages reading through it. I'm not a San Fran gal, but after reading this, I wish I was. I wish I was artistic enough to make a Glasgow gal equivalent…

  2. yeah, good idea! we should make our own version of it, at least changing the text :)

  3. hopefully I'm gonna go to san francisco in a few months…and then I will let you know if the illustration is real! ahah!
    and hopefully I'm gonna get A TAT FROM MR. MIKE GIAT!!! oh yeah!

  4. Ah- LOVE THIS! I'm not a SF gal, but sometimes I wish I were. Man, I love the bay, and I love the people from the bay even more!

    I'll be sure to check out more of Mike Giant's stuff, I super dig this.

  5. Haha, love this xx

  6. I've lived in San Francisco for four years and this is VERY accurate. (Although mostly for SF hipsters!) But yeah, this is the popular way to look/be in San Francisco.

  7. AHAHAHA THAT'S ACTUALLY SO AMAZINGLY AMUSING! Espec the 'fucks on the first date' LOL
    I'm slowly falling infatuated with your blog, and no I'm not a 50 year old pedophile. x

  8. haha detailed and humorous. nice.

  9. sociopata antropofaga says:

    uh i love all in this blog!
    i damn absolutelly follow you back

  10. uh i love all in this blog!
    i damn absolutelly follow you back

  11. bro lives in the mission and am there often enough to see plenty of these. lots of it is pretty accurate, not that i'd know about certain aspects, mind you.

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