White tees are rockin’ loud

pics above: Lovers&fuckers

Lately I got very much into white printed tees, probably because after dying my hair white for a very long period, with some occasional pink and blue variations, I finally got back to some darker red color which allows me to wear white without looking too sick! :)
Now that summer is fading away, at least here in Europe, it’s the best period to wear white tees. Weather isn’t too hot and, especially in the evening, you can style them with denim shorts, studs, and leather jacket…which I’m crazy about!!!

Anyway, do you like them? Do you like more white or black tees???
I’m asking because my next giveaway is going to be a tee, a very hot one!!!

Stay tuned for it and, in the meantime, get inspired by these pics I collected from we ♥ it!

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  1. I had the sam trip this summer about white tees, love them! cannot wait to see your giveaway!!!!!

  2. IF you ask, I love more white tees that black! dunno why, just thy look better on me! :)

  3. and, yeah, I love all the pics you posted :)

  4. i lvoe these, im more of a black tshirt girl, but these are lovely!

    xx raez

  5. heya, thanks for your sweet comment. I get what you mean about white graphic tees! It must be us welcoming the 90s once again – with open arms!;)

  6. I love white tshirts! I have black hair and wearing too much black just makes me look like a witch. White makes my tattoos stand out better too. Bring on the next competition!

  7. white dirty lil' tees all the wayy!


  8. thanks for stopping by!!

  9. mi piacciono tutte queste foto e adoro we heart it.
    un bacione iole

  10. Beautiful!

    juliet xxx

  11. white tees over black tees any day.
    and omg i'm dying over the photography in the first 3 shots.

  12. love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

    ASH! Xoxo

    My Face Hunter

  13. amazing! I love white t.shirts, specially with rock prints.

    thanks for the post!

  14. white tees are great. you can partner it to anything. and it's comfy! :]

  15. nice post..looks so wild but cool..

    wanna exchange link??add my link in your blogroll and vice cersa

  16. Love these ubersexy and fierce images!! xoxoxoxoo

  17. oh i love them all xxxxxx

  18. great pics! thank you for your sweet comment! remember you can join me on bloglovin or facebook! cu soon on my blog!
    xoxo from rome

  19. First photo is my favorite!
    It's fantastic:)

  20. omg.
    what a fucktastic pictures!
    really, i looove it! <3

  21. omg.
    what a fucktastic pictures!
    really, i looove it! <3

  22. <3

    I think I have an equal amount of white and black t's. For whatever reason, I have a bunch of plain white t's (different cuts) but my black shirts all have designs on them. Love these ts.

  23. obsessed with black and white tees. always compulsively searching for that GREAT one. <3

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