A Body with Rhythm | D-Say

Hello sweeties, today is Friday (oh yeees!) and I’m very musically inspired, so let’s go with some nice and exciting music+dance, which is just what I need before goin’ out tonight!
The short film that I present you is made by Lousanne based photographer “Made in Varma” and it features break-dancer D-say from Scrambling Feet.
If you are into Hip Hop and break dance you cannot miss out this spectacular trailer.
I LIKE! and I especially dig the use of black and white photography and the scenes cutting.
Also, I find very intriguing the contrast between the two setting styles and styling, with the first part more urban and hip hop shot in Lousanne subway and  the second part – very stylish and electronic – shot in Lousanne Palace.
Well done Mr Varma and Mr D-Say!

…have a FAB Friday night ppl!

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  1. to be honest I'm not very much into hip hop music but I must say that this video is incredibly well done!
    have a wonderful friday you too!

  2. great short! tnx for sahring!

  3. aww it's a great song!1

  4. aww it's a great song!1

  5. I really enjoy the style cut between the two different locations, and the music is damn good

  6. Thanks for this! Definitely a great vid. I hope you're having a wonderful Friday as well. ;D

  7. fabulous and wishing u a marvellous weekend sweetie :), ozo

  8. Anonymous says:

    very sharp

  9. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend xx

  10. love it, thanks for putting this on your blog :) which is fabulous btw :D glad I found you!!


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  11. Beautifully shot. In high school I was definitely that kid on the lookout for large cardboard boxes so that I could practice my backspins, lol. I never advanced much- breakdancing is HARD- so I appreciate brilliant dancers like D-say that much more. :)

  12. thanks for sharing. LOVE going out dancing -need to do that soon..x

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