Chadwick Tyler and Karen Langley | Dazed & Confused November issue

Check here the other exclusive images shooted by Chadwick Tyler and styled by Karen Langley for November issue of Dazed & Confused.
Featuring model Charlene.

Tyler said about the inspirations for the shoot: ”Karen and I spoke about trying a story that very loosely was inspired by the resurgence of lo-fi art interpretations. There really weren’t many references in the shoot itself. The inspiration came in the processing after the shoot. I worked with Aaron Amaro and Jon Banthorpe on the post production. We wanted to apply hand techniques to each image. There are a lot of reproductions on top of reproductions. Each piece had it’s own technique applied from hand painted textures to open light scans three and four generations from the original. We chose Charlie because she was new and we wanted someone that had not really been shot before. She just seemed to fit the project.”  

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  1. The first picture is rather raunchy and the photographs are a little strange but thank you for posting!

    *following your blog flower*

    Eda ♥

  2. these shots are so unusual! awesome and ethereal…

  3. first and third images are crazy! love dazed&confused editorials!!!

  4. omg!
    i love this photos!

  5. very feeling inducing photographs.
    you're my FAV!!!
    much love

  6. Aww so plastic and artistic! Love them. I'm so glad that you liked the outfit post, do you want to help me and share my blog with your friends? I would be so glad if you could help me with this mission. I need more readers to start making my videos about reviews and another stuff. Please help me share.

  7. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I like how these are a bit unclear!

    juliet xxx

  10. LOVING all of the images here, wonderful!!! LO-FI pics done right, ahhhh, how artistically beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing this editorial, I LOVE it :)


  11. Thanks for sharing! These images are thought-provoking. And I did like reading about the inspiration behind it!



  12. Beautiful and sometimes a bit scary pictures but I love it!!

  13. Oh!! Really amazing photos :D

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  14. oh yes i read that, so amazing
    love the first photos!

  15. There are no words to express admiration.

  16. thanks for sharing xxxx

  17. WOW!!! Very beautiful ART!!!)))
    I like it.

  18. Omg…YES. Washed out and fantastic!

  19. Love these photos!

    Love Grace.

  20. these are freakN amazing!

  21. Wow, these photos are beautiful and inspirational! Thank you for sharing x

  22. Very interesting pictures!

  23. Thanks for sharing honey

  24. Thanx for the post!!!
    I love chadwick tyler, his photos always inspire me.
    Greetings from Barcelona!

  25. this is great. and i love your header; what style of font is that?

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