FALL/ing in love with …

I’m becoming slightly obsessed with Lina Osterman spiked coat (which is absolutely mind-blowing!!) and a few more items from her awesome FW collection. I would love to have all of the above pieces in my wardrobe now.


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  1. thatt jacket is crazy awesome!!

  2. LOVE the last dress

  3. LOVE the last dress

  4. I totally understand. Who wouldn't like to own at least one piece from this collection?

  5. love all that fringe in the second outfit!

  6. Wow, the sleeveless trench with rivet embellsihment just rocks. later, FashionLifeCoach

  7. I'm becoming obsessed also!
    The sheer skirt in the last image seriously caught my eye. I love how the stylist added it in as an extra layer. It adds so much interest!

  8. Deconstructed, LOVING it! You post the coolest pix, Betty! XX!

  9. These pictures are amazing, love them

  10. These pictures are amazing, love them

  11. im all OVER the knitwear pieces!
    The Covetist

  12. I love the soft focus of the photos! I really enjoy the contrasting textures. Great pieces!

  13. aweosme, i want it! love this collection al ot!

  14. Amazing pics, really

  15. Amazing pics, really

  16. What a sophisticated collection!! I'm definitely a fan of her now! xoxoxoxoo

  17. Great choices!! Loving the first vest…

    Thanks por stopping by and for your lovely comment


  18. black is always black!
    so glad its winter to wear it all the time!
    beatiful pictures!

  19. these are amazing!! i love the black on black looks <3

  20. these are stunning, the last look is whoa! xxxx

  21. PHENOMENAL!!!! WHAT a FABULOUS collection, thanks for sharing this sweetie, I am so inspired :))
    Wishing you a lovely weekend


  22. All of these pieces are freakin' awesum!


  23. I love this post, chic)))
    Very nice blog!!!

  24. Stunning pieces!

  25. i love the sweater with the long fringe :)

  26. omg! i'm FALLing in love too!

    xoxo from rome

  27. S t a r r y N i g h t says:

    my gosh, love all that pieces! i would like to have all them in my closeth too, specially the black dress
    great collection!


  28. my gosh, love all that pieces! i would like to have all them in my closeth too, specially the black dress
    great collection!


  29. Hi honey! As always, thanks for commet ;)
    Hell yeah, i just adore thise pieces from Lina Osterman!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    BIG xoxo

    Hr Johansen

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