Happy Bloody Halloween!

Getting ready for my first Halloween party in New York!!! Soooo excited!
Till yesterday I couldn’t make up my mind about what I wanted to be for Halloween, but eventually I stumbled into a wonderful mexican shop next to where we live and I felt in love with this crazy mask straight away…isn’t it insane? And how cool is to be a sexy mexican wrestler in leopard print? ;)
Unfortunately I couldn’t find anymore the leopard catsuit I saw the day before to pair the mask…but it doesn’t matter too much, I will arrange something out of my wardrobe (which isn’t much because eventually I decided to pack very light and to fight with the luggage weight limit on my way back)!
Thanks for all your sweet comments honeys, I will answer to them very soon…and I promise to post some shots from our first days in NYC in the next few days!
Also, I have a new interview with one of my fav fashion designers nearly ready to be published, so stay tuned!!
Wish you an exciting Bloody Halloween!!!!

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  1. and happy halloween to you!!!
    that mask is really amazing, you were lucky o find it with leopard patter, I have never seen anything like that before!

  2. Looks like a leopard spiderman-type of mask. You should of went as Siouxsie Sioux.

  3. happy halloween back at ya. rock the night.

  4. I hope you have had an amazing halloween weekend – love that mask, it's awesome!


  5. uhhh spookyyyyy!

  6. uhhh spookyyyyy!

  7. Happy halloween !!

  8. Great mask! And you can't go wrong with leopard print! Good party? Mine was fun but I was suffering for it yesterday. Hope you're settling in in NY xx

  9. wow, i've been looking through your blog and must admit i LOVE it!
    great mask you found, hope you had fun at the party :D x

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