Q+A with Daniel Palillo | SS11 Nightmares and Cowboys

How cool is the new Daniel Palillo’s collection? Big eyes wide opened, rib cages, punk skulls, distressed typo and large use of black and white… so f-ing HOT!
So hot that I couldn’t resist…I had to go and find Daniel and ask him a few questions about his vision and what inspires him…check out what he told me in this interview that screams FUN!!

Hi Daniel!

Can you describe your latest SS11 collection and the inspiration behind it?
The main inspiration i guess was the Finnish band Leningrad Cowboys. I mixed that with some traditional halloween things. 

Who wears Daniel Palillo? And how would you like to see your garments worn?
I wear Daniel Palillo. Rest I dont know but hopefully many people find it interesting and something they would like to wear.  
How do you define style? And how would you describe your personal style?
People often ask me this and I have no idea. I just want to make clothes that I want to wear.  I only wear clothes from my own collection. 

If style could be a place would it be….?
A mix of Helsinki and Naples.  

And if it was a person? Who’s your style icon?
The comic book guy from the Simpsons. 

Who are your fantasy dinner party guests?
My closest friends. 

What’s in your ipod?
Right now it is lot of old stuff. But in general from hip hop to metal.  

Where do you live? What is an absolute must-do there?
I live in Helsinki. I would say Helsinki is the best in general hanging around. 

Your last trip? And the next one?
My last trip was Paris fashion week, but during the fashion week I always feel tired and wanna have takeway dinners in hotel so thats boring. Right before that i did a motorcycle roadtrip with my friends. Driving around Europe that was pretty insane. Lot of things happened. My motorcycle went down in french country side. Good memories. 
Next one I hope i will find time to go in london to visit my friends. 

Any plans for future?
Never had any plans and hopefully never will. Living day by day.  

Thank you Daniel!


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  1. what a crazy collection!!!! thank you for sharing this, so amazing!

  2. very very inspiring…and so Halloween! ;)

  3. ohh LOVE that outfit with a lot of ruffles

  4. ohh LOVE that outfit with a lot of ruffles

  5. I love the black ruffle jaket!

  6. sociopata antropofaga says:

    omg i want everything!! and the interview is awesome
    good job n___n love your blog as always

  7. omg i want everything!! and the interview is awesome
    good job n___n love your blog as always

  8. Truly stunning collection, I LOVE them all, WOW WOW WOW!!! and what a fabulous interview, thanks for sharing this honey!!!!


  9. Ahhh! Great post! I'm really into this collection by Daniel! (Especially loving the leggings, bold graphics, and those incredibly hot lace up boots!) <3

  10. amazing abstract designs. :D

  11. OMG!!!
    this is so amazing!!!
    i looove this post <3

  12. Love his style! he truly is very talented. I would defiantly buy some of these outfits!

    x precilla

  13. I love those ironic and iconic statement graphics.
    take care my dear, FashionLifeCoach

  14. Wow! Crazy collection for sure :)

  15. love it all thanks for sharing xxxx

  16. Really, pretty! love it!!!

  17. Really, pretty! love it!!!

  18. I love when clothes straddle the fence with art!

    Love Grace.

  19. Wow! My new favorite designer! I can't stop staring at the black maxi dress! So beautiful and chic! Love his interview too!

    P.S. Glad you like my new design!! :-) xxoxoxoxoo

  20. hi love. hihi. your comments are so great ;)
    and oh. this collection. so so fun!
    it's like a mix of a little bit of wildfox&a little bit of monki. and that extra inch of brilliance.
    fantastic.thanks for sharing. love your blog.

  21. i really want the skull shirt, want!!!

  22. this collection rocks, and i lvoed the interview. great post!

    xx raez

  23. I love Daniel Palillo! My friend Aapo used to intern for him, and got me one of his oversized hooded shirts that I wear at least once a week. There are so many things I want from the new collection too!

  24. He's so talented! He's also Finnish like I am!

    juliet xxx

  25. i love so many pieces! in particular that drapey black dress! do you know if these are to be found anywhere online?

  26. Very cool! The asymmetrical dress and the graffiti shirts, most definitely! XX!

  27. TOO COOL. same applies to your blog ;)



  28. amazing collection!

  29. This collection walks a fine line between hilarious and badass.
    Great post.
    Love your blog.

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