Gabriella Marina Gonzalez SS11 | The cyclops apprentice

“We have become separated and numb to even our self created perception of reality. The world turns on a delicate axis and we believe all is clam.
The walls crumble yet we remain belly full and oblivious, inactive, unaffected, tra la la. We have lost touch with peace, We have lost touch with our energy.
Our soul’s light flicker and fade in the dusk of a shopping mall car park sunrise. All is lost. Rekindle your love with all. For what is felt but not understood.
We survive but we do not live. We are but animals dis-attached from instinct. Our faces and hands stained with greed.

See with your heart not with your eyes.”

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

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  1. Love the quote by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez! It's beautiful. And, loving the strong styling in this shoot!

  2. Stunning!!! LOVE this collection A LOT!!!


  3. Those shoes!! I can't take my eyes off it! I love the masks too! So stunning! xxoxoxxoxoo

  4. incredible blog !!

  5. These are beautiful! They have a certain Mad Max feel to them don't they? Love it.

  6. ohh! amazing collection. Oh love her quote! thanks for sharing.

    Hope you enjoy west coast!

    x pris

  7. Incredible talented!!

  8. Incredible talented!!

  9. very eerie and beautiful!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, dear!

  10. Stolen from Grandma says:


    thanks for stopping by my blog! yours is a dream, i will be following now :) xxx

  11. I NEED those shoes – I really do!!

  12. these are such beautiful pictures.. i am so in love with them..

    Hopefully, you can visit my blog and enter the GIVEAWAY.

  13. thanks!
    great pics!

  14. wow cool pictures! they are so edgy!

  15. shit just got realllll! this collection/line is beyond amazing. speechless, really.

    xx raez

  16. woah , those are such firce shots ! i can't take my eyes of that shoes ! that shoess !!!

  17. oh man these are soo beautiful,amazing and cool all together!

  18. That quote is beautiful. Those photos are amazing. I stared at those big red and yellow shoes for a really long time. Such stunning work!

  19. That quote is beautiful. Those photos are amazing. I stared at those big red and yellow shoes for a really long time. Such stunning work!

  20. owchhhh, that's so amzing, nice idea. love it all.

  21. amazing pieces and I absolutely love that quote.


    peace x

  23. I LOVE her quote: See with your heart and not with your eyes, and WOW, her collection is fabulously amazing, mind blowing indeed


  24. I am in love with the more subtle pieces in the collection, if you could say that, like the shoes and t-shirt dress.


  25. Holy jesus, I can't even begin to describe how incredible each of these photos are! x

  26. really amzzin post!!!!!!!!!

    love the maxi the wedges and the gloves!


    kiss my dear

  27. stunning!! thanks for sharing

    xx Marina

  28. The first picture is my favorite….amazing!

  29. wow these pieces are wild! i love those shoes!


  30. this is crazy amazing oh man!

  31. wow! these pieces are sick. those shoes are freaking amaazing!

  32. The shoes are stunnin'

  33. The shoes are stunnin'

  34. Woah. These are some interesting pieces! Wowowowow!

    And the model is stunning!


  35. These photos are incredible! Love everything so much. Thanks for the sweet sweet comment! So sorry for my late reply, I've been ill! I juts did a new post though, so it's all good. haha. Panda xo

  36. Nice photo's I expecially love those gloves!

  37. the leather accessories are amazing

  38. i love the second photo. these accessories are interesting but scary at the same time.
    i love the different hair styles
    hope you're having a good weekend


  39. i love it all and those shoes are beyond amazing!!!

  40. I like those head pieces!

    juliet xxx

  41. what a "totally, rad, mad, crazy cool" post! luv it! :)


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