NYC: random windows

Being an art director and working mainly for fashion clients, sometime I’m requested to design or give the inspiration also for windows set-up. Actually, this is one of the thing collateral to graphic design that I enjoy the most doing. The window becomes a stage on which everything can be represented and I’m always very intrigued by the most unusual set up. Here I share a few pics that I took during my first week in NY. Enjoy!

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  1. wow that tarina tarantino piece is insane!!!
    awesome pics, tnx for sharing!!

  2. 2nd pic down is amazing. So eery and surreal with the "floating" mannequins. And the last shot: I love how the reflection shows up. Thanks for the kind words on my blog, I'm feeling more myself again these days. :) And Mr. Nice sounds like a super interesting book, it's now on my to-read list.

    My LA go tos: Venice Beach (preferably on a Saturday, unless you don't like crowds, then during the week), Santa Monica prominade, The Bergamot Station (art gallery conglomerate/auction house), The Getty, MOCA, MOLAA (Long Beach), fashion district/downtown LA, retro row (Long Beach), and Hollywood Blvd. (Hollywood & Highland is good either to do the typical tourist stuff; ie. see the sidewalk stars, etc. or just to people watch).

    I'd love to meet up, especially if you make it down to Long Beach in South LA County, but if it meets my schedule, I can head up to LA, too, and play tour guide. You can hit me up on my email if you're down, I'm not on my blog as regularly these days.

    Quite the novel, I wrote. Okay, enjoy your stay. :)

  3. I love window of Isabel Marant :D

  4. WOW, this is really something, and I cannot keep my eyes off those crystal studded helmet, WOW WOW WOW!!!

    xoxo :)

  5. Fantastic images.
    There is so much great talent there. So much to see. Wish I was there!
    In response to your last comment to me-
    You're welcome for the tips! There's a lot to do in LA, so soak it up and enjoy! If you do make it up North, let me know!

  6. absolutely beautiful photos!

  7. very nice photos and i like it

  8. amazing post!!!


  9. Cool job! i love the christian loubutin neon, i want one with my name on it! haha

  10. lucio luongo says:

    che figata quel casco!!!! quanto costa? se mi vendo la mamma ce la faccio con i soldi?

  11. what cool accessories, where are they all from?


  12. such a cool windows i love the spiked helmet!!

  13. that helmet is WOW!!!

  14. You have my dream job! I would love to set up windows displays! They must be so fun to do! xoxoxoxoo

  15. Wow, fun stuff!! I love it, esp the tarina tarintino helmet.

    <3 Kelly

  16. The helmet is fabulous!

  17. i want to go to new york soooo bad!!!!

  18. It's pretty interesting looking at some shop windows, some of them have gorgeous set ups!

  19. Love all these pictures!

  20. bellissime …troppo ispiring. sei nacora a ny?
    Ti abbraccio iole

  21. Thanks :D

  22. ellevictoire says:

    holy moly that helmet is INSANE. would learn to ride one just to wear that :D

  23. holy moly that helmet is INSANE. would learn to ride one just to wear that :D

  24. Cool pictures.

    I really like the second picture with the mannequins floating. It gives the shop a 3 dimensional look. Also the biker helmet with the studs and everything…super cool! hahaha

    How long did you stay in NY?

    x pris

  25. That bejeweled helmet is crazy sexy cool. I just love looking at artistic window displays. I wish we so more elaborate ones here in Tampa!

  26. These photos are so awesome. Theres nothing better than looking through the window of an amazing shop display. Love the crazy-ass helmet, and the last 5 photos. Amazing. Thanks for the sweet comment, as usual, you put a smile on my face! + Just did a new post!
    Panda xo

  27. Those Bapes are amazing and the headband is the sparkly headband of my dreams!!! I almost drooled. These pics are great!
    Oh and Thanksx10000 for the Italian fashion advice!

  28. I love looking into store windows and definitely appreciate the creativity. These look great!

  29. OMG! Amazing pics! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Following! Follow back? ;) Kiss

  30. oh! ny i love you!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! there's a give-away on my blog!

    xoxo from rome

  31. Hey lovely, these are GREAT!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I LOVED your blog too. Straight to favorites.

  32. this chick's got style says:

    Looks like it's perfect to gather inspiration!

  33. Looks like it's perfect to gather inspiration!

  34. great post. love your blog!! i might do something similar o this soon!!

  35. I cant wait to go there and im loving peoples pictures,it makes it even more exciting!

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