Q+A with Asger Juel Larsen | The Welding Man collection

Above lookbook SS11 | featuring Conor Macklin photographed by Ellis Scott.

London based designer and emerging talent Asger Juel Larsen is growing and evolving collection after collection. His unique exploration of standouts materials, that we remember from previous collections, this time comes mixed with new prints and textures, which give a different and more soft feeling to the futuristic and aggressive design. The result is so stunning that makes me want to wear quite a few of those pieces, no matter if it’s a male collection!
I had the chance to talk to Asger and ask him a few questions about the inspiration behind the SS11 Welding Man. Check out what he told me in his awesome interview:

Who is the man protagonist of your SS11 collection?
The man for the SS11 collection is an expression of masculinity and strength. His setting, a 1930′s war-ship boiler room; 50 degrees, steam, muscles and sweat with only comradeship and the factory spirit by his side…he breathes; he inhales sparks of fire, he endures. I called him “Welding Man” he lives, breathes and ….. heavy metal.
Which colors and materials have you been using and experimenting with? 
Well, its all a continuation from the last really. I wanted to project the Welding Man onto me; his mind, his spirit and the environment that he is the master of. He has that raw primitive sex appeal witnessed circa 50’s Hollywood with a vulnerability as he is exposed to the elements: he is the essence of modernity. Primitive yet technically advanced; rubberised lattice material paired with protective shields of leather offer protection from the boiler room intensity. Burn-out laser cut prints brand man with machine. An artisan of now and forever; qualities are laboriously crafted ranging from burned wool, nappa leather, to raw-cut silk, mesh and quilted PVC.
The colour is an extension of his environment, they run from black and smoke grey to nudes, alluvium and glowing orange.
Are war history and Sci-Fi movies still your main inspiration? Or is your design aesthetic evolving in other directions?
The past and the distant future is always there, but it changes every season. 
The collection is accompanied by a range of hand-crafted accessories line. Tell me more about it.
Ya, first of all I love jewellery and I wear a lot my self, so I decided to make a limited collection of necklaces and earrings, which would work with my inspiration for my collection. 
It ended up with some quite raw skulls and skeleton bodies. They are sold in Machine – A

Last July you have been showing the collection in NY for the first time. How did the presentation go?
I’ve never been to New York, so it was quite an experience for me. It went really well and I got amazing response. All in all a successful trip. 
How was your LFW this year? 
LFW was an necessary evil that i definitely enjoyed. I had a live installation running the week at “MACHINE – A” in SoHo the idea being create something that represents a bit of me and a bit of the collection. We built a small-scale-high-impact, si-fi,lo-fi metal workshop. It was a chance to preview the SS11 collection in an dynamic that differs from a catwalk show. 
Is London still edgy and innovative? What is an absolute ‘must do’ there?
London is still edgy and innovative. I’m sure there are many reason for this, my own feeling is that it is and always will be. The young people of London have an infinity with progression, what i mean is they do not got so precious with a scene or style wherever it be music,  fashion or  an ideal. They are not afraid to discard the past or even now in favour of tomorrow. They still have an appreciation for heritage but it is beautifully offset with a nihilistic fuck-it attitude. For this reason I think, maybe, London will always be moving forward. Being easily distracted & bored can be endearing.
I really enjoy leaving a club somewhere east, sometime late or early depending on your perspective, walking central slightly wired and looking back at the business district… at that time it can be looking pretty surreal if nothing else. It can also induce a feeling of “Im happy not to have to be their in the morning”.
Any plans for future?
Right now I’m pattern cutting day and night for my AW11 collection. Interesting plans for the future? hmm.. Work.. 
But going to Manchester this upcoming weekend to see my friends, Joe and Will Ask, Dj. I’m actually really excited about that. A little road trip. 
Thank you Asger!


Campaign images below: photographer Andras Ridovics

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  1. that's a fab interview! tnx for sharing
    love all the images as well, especially the ones on the top

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love the way this collection evolves from the previous ones

  3. great interview darling!

  4. oh wow, i would wear all of this,i know its for men but some pieces can be worn by women too!

  5. Great interview!

  6. Great interview! xo

  7. This is just flippin wicked! I am so inspired by this …I love the boiler room inspiration and the industrail feel to this. …shit girl you got the bestest posts ay! Mad love! xxx

  8. love your interviews, they are always so interesting! and what a great collection!

  9. love the third photo and all the ones at the bottom, such gorgeous clothes and great interview!

    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog:)
    it made my day!!

  10. These pieces are killer!

    Love Grace.

  11. super interview
    and I love the design :D

  12. amazing! enjoyed reading the interview. he is very talented.

    following your blog now


    keep in touch dear

  13. Truly BRILLIANT collection!!!
    I would wear them too

    Thanks for this Sweetie, and for the amazing interview

    Love Love,

  14. I love the inspiration behind his collection! I love the cropped tops! So awesome! He sounds like such a cool person! xoxoxoxoo

  15. great post thanks for sharing

  16. Ioana Liliana Gheorghe says:

    Amazing interview! He IS an inspiration!


  17. Amazing interview! He IS an inspiration!


  18. wow, stunning photos and clothes. thanks for sharing!

  19. i liked the direction of your questions and his answers were amazing

  20. Cute boys AND cute dogs??? Such a win! Love the pics and the interview was fun to read.

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  22. Steam, muscles and sweat…what a mental picture…LOVE it! Fabulous interview.

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  24. Christine Lilwood says:

    That's a very hot and beautiful campaign ;DD visit my blog :D


  25. Great interview! he's extremely talented!

  26. Love the cropped man-sweater.
    ちょっとおじえてください〜 to be talented, you know? haha

    xx Chelsey

  27. S t a r r y N i g h t says:

    wow.. he's great! love all those jackets. STUNNING :)

    have a great week!

  28. wow.. he's great! love all those jackets. STUNNING :)

    have a great week!

  29. hey thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    keep in touch :)


  30. great read and great photos. love the pooches.


  31. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

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