Give me some rubber, please.

…and some LEATHER too.

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  1. holy shit this is so freaking cool

  2. I'd go for rubber, please! I prefer toxic over cruel! Ahaha! I'm kidding, anyway I used to make myself those latex jewels. It's super easy! I love love love rubber and I love also you because you have an awesome style. :D

  3. I love rubber too! and that ring so needs to be on my finger!

  4. Who knew rubber could be made to look so amazing?! Love the leather pieces and fur jacket. Gorgeous styling

  5. Barbara i gongini is my favourite designer! I especially love the "garbage bag" pants. Such a nice post sweetie!

    Love Iben

  6. OMG I want some leather!!! I want leather everything!!! Seriously!! Its so sad!!


  7. I am not a fan of any of the trousers but the jewelry is nothing less than impressive.

  8. I love the aesthetic of your blog! It's awesome



  9. these pieces are AMAZING! thank you so much for sharing!

  10. ooh rubber and leather!! so sexy!

  11. Fantastic post!!

  12. Wow, an amzing idea. Creative art and lovely accessories to go for. merry Christmas, FashionLifeCoach

  13. Yes Please!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by & your comment, Im hosting a giveaway right now, would love for u to enter!

  14. i want al of those leather jackets!!

  15. those stuff so cool!!
    we always never go wrong with those
    leather stuff:)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  16. Rubber ones look very cool, but I have a sneaky suspicion it is only that they look good on a pic! Just can't imagine rubber as jewlery looking good… but who know, I might be very wrong! :-)


    P.s. Just to tell you babe, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog! I enjoy reading them so much as they are always so insightful and funny!xx

  17. this is so so amazing. xx

  18. I would like that fake fur coat please :) It's so cold here at the moment it's just a thing to keep me warm.

  19. Ooh! That's some great stuff! I loooove the jacket in the first picture, that's something I would definitely wear!

  20. what an BRILLIANT and inspirational post. i LOVE it. so many pieces i want.
    hope you're having a good monday.
    happy holidays dear

  21. The rubber band jewelry, my god it's amazing! I'd totally try to cop the look and do a DIY version, but I don't know where they found such perfect white and black bands.

  22. I love this stuff!Beautiful accessories!

  23. I'm in love with Fur & Leather together! I even did a post on just that!

    Hope you will come visit me! It would make me so happy! Love your website- I'm def following via Bloglovin!

    xoxo Summer

  24. Wow great selection there! I love the spiked ring!

  25. this is so cool! love it

    <3 mvv

    Expedition of a Modern Viking Vixen

    p.s. i invite you to enter my giveaway :)

  26. oh, amazing! the video is creepy in a good way as well♥

  27. love the leather pieces and fur jacket:)))

    xx Marina

  28. omg i know my car broke and we couldnt fix it for a month
    it was so stupid hopefully you get to fix yours soon!!

  29. Oh my gosh – I am lusting over that rubber band jewelry! What a great concept. Thanks for sharing! :)

  30. tasty looking leather…

  31. tasty looking leather…

  32. Woah!! Totally in love with everything in this post!!

    <3 Kelly

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