If you cannot access the video you can watch it HERE!

“As if members of a tribe partaking in a bacchanal ceremony, the dancers wore headdresses covered in hundreds of bells, designed to convey the physical sensation of their ecstasy pulsating from their minds through their bodies.” Read the full story on Another Magazine.

By brothers Daniel and Jordan Askill and Adam Linder.

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  1. this video is very trippi! love it

  2. superb and very artistic

  3. perfect video.
    like it;)

  4. thanks for stopping by me. i really wanted to see the video- but it's not working– "video not found.."

    anyways hope you had a lovely weekend dear
    take care


  5. Thanks love. Will do the same for you. I acutally changed my blog name the other day to 'Dress Me In This'.


  6. wow this is great and that photo is just incredible!

  7. aw the video isn't working for me, but your posts are great as usual (i've been absent for a bit…) ♥

  8. Oh, I wasn't able to see the video, but I love the pic!

    Camila F.

  9. wow that headdress looks mysterious. i like it!

  10. sorry darlings for the video not working :(
    I just tried to modify the embed code to stop the autoplay feature but I guess I did it wrong… :)
    so I put back the old code…you should all be able to see it now!

  11. Stunning and Fabulous!!!


  12. very crazy and poetic!

  13. very crazy and poetic!

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