She looked into my eyes and a voice said RUN

Photographer: Dan Martensen

So in love with this song right now! 
She wants revenge - Red flags and long nights


Sick of trying to find a way inside 
Sick and tired of all the after
Sick of trying ot find a way to slide
Even though it always ends in laughter
Its never hard to tell when things are done
She looked into my eyes and a voice said RUN
She says that im a mess but its alright
Whether its 2 weeks, 2 years or just tonight

You can occupy my every sigh,
You can rent a space inside my mind
At least untill the price becomes too? HIGH 

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  1. Love the poem, AMAZING!!!


  2. sexy!
    loving the tune!

  3. black and leather and holey jumpers is perfect

  4. Wow, those are some provocative pictures!! I love the lyrics! Very catchy and clever! xoxoxoxo

  5. wow, very intriguing photos!

    i saw them perform here in Montreal at a tiny Venue…and i met the lead singer.
    think Prince meets Robert Smith. He was dreamy!!!
    much love.

  7. it's hard not to stare at the first photo! the concept is sooo good!


  8. it's hard not to stare at the first photo! the concept is sooo good!


  9. fantastic photos and poem. love it!

  10. love the photos..
    great post!!

    visit my site, you can follow me if you like it. just tell me if you want me to follow you back :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  11. Oslo by fashion says:

    Loving these pictures! Just had to save a coupple of them!

    Thanks so much for the comment <3 soon you can win one earpiece like this from me :D

  12. i want the leather studded jacket!

  13. Very erotic and angry. Not in that feeling at the moment, but definetely had times when this would be just right.


    + + + + + + + + + + +

  14. love love love love love your blog! :) those photos are incredible.. i dont have words to describe them!! im a new follower!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)

    xx :)


  15. such stunning photos!!

  16. freakin sweet ass blog girl!!

  17. freakin sweet ass blog girl!!

  18. amazing photos, thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks so much sweetie:) Gorgeous editorial and lovely poem. You are so talented! Thanks so much for stopping by! Are you ready for x-mas?

    Love Iben

  20. your blog is GREAT!
    you have amazing pics here
    I love it <333

  21. Hi doll!! Thank you soooo much for stopping by my blog!!!! I am loving yours and I have a question! Is that your real hair in your profile pic!! I am a hairstylist so I have to ask!


  22. thanks for stopping by and sharing that video on my site. that's really kind of you. im gonna check it out now.
    hope you're having a great midweek dear


  23. Love this post, amazing photos.

    XX W

  24. Love this post, amazing photos.

    XX W

  25. These are stunning once again. And I love the title!

    juliet xxx

  26. amazin post!

    so hot!

  27. wow it is sooo awesome!

  28. WOW amazing photos,who took them?

  29. Love the title! lol so fitting!

  30. stunning! these photos are so haunting and beautiful!

    xx raez

  31. oh my! just discovered your blog! LOVE IT! I'm your newest follower.


  32. Wowowow these are incredible!

  33. Gorgeous editorial and lovely poem!!!
    thanks so much for sharing

    xx marina

  34. really sexy, love the look and feel of this blog!! keep it up

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  35. Great sexy editorial. Love it!

    Camila F.

  36. yeah its really hard, but its ok i guess hahha

  37. Phew, bound me up ;)

  38. Brilliant photos.Simple but with impact!

  39. I love she want's revenge too much it's really one of the few groups I never get tired of!

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