Tasha Tilberg x WORK mag | issue 03

Tasha Tilberg photographed by Robin Black and interviewed by Gloria Noto for Work Mag Issue 03.
Read here the interview.

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  1. Oh, her bone structure! and big eyes! So beautiful! And she looks so fragile in the misfits tee, but at the same time so tough!

    Love Iben

  2. She is a pretty, pretty, girl. I love the natural aura with the edge, kinda perfect to me…

  3. cool shot!
    I'm off to read the interview

  4. wow, her eyes are piercing. she looks like a tough cookie.

  5. your blog's so pretty. full of inspirational pictures.
    following you now, love:)

  6. Amazing picture!

  7. Holy smokes she is gorgeous! Not fair!

  8. This is a great blog.

  9. great picture! love love love her shirt!

  10. Loveeee her shirt, amazing look!! xx

  11. hi there :)
    just passing to say that i got a new post at my blog

  12. Hi sweet betty! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments<3 and yes, it all depends on the content! Have a lovely night!

    Love Iben

  13. Love Tasha. Her face just still looks so fresh.

  14. Your blog is just fabulous.

  15. love tasha…she's one of my favs.

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