May 2011 see our wildest dreams come true.

[ABOVE. ONEDREAMRUSH: In partnership with the Beijing Film Studio 42BELOW commissioned 42 world-class directors to capture a celluloid equivalent of their dreams. Here we present the work of creative duo Maxim Zhestkov and Matt Pyke, whose vision is a perfect snapshot of a surreal dreamworld.]

Via Nowness

PHOTO: Roger Dekker

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  1. MUCH LOVE and all the VERY best in 2011!!!

  2. Happy New Year Betty, here's to more wobblin in 2011! :)

  3. happy new year!

  4. happy new year!

  5. happy new year!!!

    fantastic post!!!

    xx Marina

  6. Happy New Year!!! Keep wobblin'& keep it cool :)

  7. nice greeting. thank you. rock your 2011 girl.

  8. wow, that's so cool! Blown away by the video, made me feel something weird! haha! Have a great day!

    Love Iben

  9. Very cool. Hope you had an amazing New Year! Happy2011.


  10. I'm a little late but Happy New Year

  11. I'm a little late but Happy New Year

  12. Awesome video!! I wish you the best 2011!! :-) xoxoxoo

  13. auguroni a te…che bella foto e video!!!!

    un bacione grandissimo!!!

  14. amazin post!!!!!!

    magic new year!


  15. Wish you a very good 2011!

  16. Reading your blog has been one of my 2010 highlights! Keep it up in 2011.

    Wishing you all the best for another year xx

  17. love these!

    happy new year!

  18. I love your blog
    you know :)
    thanks for all your comments I love read them

  19. that GIF and that video are BEYOND! Where did you find these? Love it.
    Again, happy new year! :)

  20. woww crazy!!
    thanx for you post :)
    happy new year!!!

  21. oh wow, this video is so intense then you are hit by calmness and serenity, love it !

    thank you for your comment on my angus fairhurst post, i really like you blog, soo interesting.

    love polly xxx

  22. cool blog! the layout is great, really like the mood of your blog!
    i followed.

    X zoé – lightningfactory.blogspot.com -

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