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Tiziano Magni Via Schon! Magazine

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  1. wow, very intense!

  2. sweet mother of pearl. mind. blown.

  3. sweet mother of pearl. mind. blown.

  4. I love these photographs.
    I need to visit NYC

  5. this is SO NY!! I wish I was there now!

  6. love the last one!

  7. love the last one!

  8. i've never been to nyc….but i know one day i will get there…and these images make my mouth water!!!!
    have an amazing weekend darlin'!

  9. Ugh, wow. <3
    I love how there's so many ways to view new york city. so many stories, so many angles, so many different moods @ different times of the year.

    the empire state building always gets me! ;)

  10. WILDasaMINK says:

    Ah NY…I love this place…the pictures are amazing. Love

  11. Ah NY…I love this place…the pictures are amazing. Love

  12. lovely post heer:)

  13. i thought the black photo standing was you.
    anyways this photos are amazing!!
    and thank you for your awesome comment!

  14. Beautiful inspiring art! How are you darling? Everything ok?

    Love iben

  15. amazing photos!♥

  16. Awesome photos.

    I guess, even if I dont get the GP's I can always find another pair at a resonable price or buy something else. I really wished I clicked the buy it now option. Besides, I'm not sure if they'll fit as I take a 38. But I heard they run large in size and better to take a size down and the seller is a 37.5 and she said they fit her like a glove and I could be pushing it. Anyway, hope your weekend is well.


  17. these are soo cool, i love the effects!

    …look closer

  18. Such an inspiration editorial!


  19. great pics!!!

    xx Marina

  20. Cool reflections and photos! So you're back in Milan?! Awesome! Did you have fun in the states? How do you describe the fashion in the states to Milan? I would love to know :-) xoxoxoxo

  21. Love the pics!

  22. cool photos! Thanks for sharing dear!

  23. well what can I say?absolutly love this!!EVERYTHING

  24. it's a kind of magic! love these photos!

  25. Sassy silhouette shadows captures the spirit of NY with the high views and angles in the city that hardly goes to sleep.

    I miss having my hair styled like a fem Mohawk too! :)


  27. love how the lights and colors look.

  28. oh im pretty sure they were fantastic!!

  29. this is incredible

  30. incredible pictures!!! amazing ny! I WANT TO GO!!

  31. I love these photos–they're kind of naughty!

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